Friday, 25 May 2012

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The Proposed High Speed Rail Link betwen London & Birmingham

HS2 will be a high capacity railway, designed to standard European high speed specifications, and making use of technology successfully developed in countries like France and Germany. The specifications for high speed rail systems are different to those of conventional UK rail.
In order to ensure that new systems built in Europe were compatible with each other and use common standards, the European Union set out guidance and specifications that all countries must adhere to when building new rail lines.
Our web pages on Increased Speed, Track Curvature and Vehicle Specifications summarise some of the key statistics and characteristics of high speed rail, setting them alongside other comparable modes of transport. Facts are taken from EU Council Directive 2008/57/EC (the Interoperability Directive).

Route map

The HS2 London to West Midlands route map and detailed area maps are available on the consultation site.

HS2 Timetable

Spring 2012Public consultation on blight proposals
Spring 2012 Consultation with statutory bodies on the safeguarding zone for phase 1
Spring 2012 Government receives HS2 Ltd advice on phase 2 route options
Spring 2012Engagement programme along phase 1 route on Environmental Impact Assessment issues
Autumn 2012New blight scheme and safeguarding zone in place
Autumn 2012Engagement programme on phase 2 preferred route, to discuss local views and concerns
Spring 2013Consultation on Environmental Statement for phase 1
End of 2013Introduction of a hybrid bill to provide necessary powers to construct and operate phase 1 of the railway 
Early 2014Consultation on preferred route for phase 2
Late 2014Government’s announcement of the chosen route for phase 2
2015Target date for Royal Assent for the Hybrid Bill, containing legal powers to construct HS2
2017-2025 Construction period (starts and ends at different times and at different points along the route)
2024-2026 Commissioning and testing
2026Phase 1 line opens to passengers